The history of our company begins more than 40 years ago by the passion and the commitment of our founder Giuseppe Pedevilla.
Thanks to his ability to understand deeply – and somethimes foresee – clients’ needs, that individual history has began a story of multiple voices. The voices of all the professionals and experts that today works in one of the biggest italian reality in the food services business.

The step from family company, bounded with the territory, to a modern and international company begin in the late ‘90s.
It’s not a coincidence that during this growing  process we kept intact the quality of the name of our founder.
The values in which lay the company are the same that moved Giuseppe Pedevilla many years ago. The values of who believes that the willingness, the professionalism, the transparency and the commitment to keep the word is at the base of customers’ relationship. The values of the experience and tradition of who works in the food services business since two generations. Indeed, together with Giuseppe - that is still the engine of the company – today work his sons Alfonso and Nicola.

A firm passion that lead Pedevilla family to look at the future with a continuous seek for offerts and services innovation. In 2013 this growing plan has lead us in the restaurant market, with the opening in Rome of the NAT – the first of a series of restarurants based on the concept of coffee-kitchen-garden.