In terms of hygiene prevention, for all our divisions we have formulated the necessary HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point), specially designed and adapted to the particular structural characteristics and client's equipment. This prevention plan is reinforced by the ISO Certification, which ensures a particularly scrupulous control.  

For all our clients, we work to ensure high levels of scrupulous control, including:
  • Laboratory tests 
  • Microbiological analysis 
  • Chemical analyses 

The controls are operated by a structure that oversees the various stages of catering process and which requires the presence of the three reference figures:  

  • Responsible Manager: who programs, manages and oversees all operations of company facilities by relating directly to the CEO. 
  • Area Manager: who oversees all procedures and activities inside the ​​company restaurant within his/her competence, in collaboration with the local inspectors. 
  • Restaurant Director: who is responsible for all organisational aspects of the in-house restaurant and acts as the Client's direct contact.

Personal Protective Equipment 
To ensure the safety of its employees at all times, Pedevilla carefully uses PPEs and other, more advanced protection tools. The kitchens are always well lit and ventilated, with powerful hoods placed over each cooking station to remove gases and steam. It's compulsory to wear non-slip shoes, as well as to take impeccable care of the uniforms and headgear. 

Moreover, in all sensitive situations the staff uses cut-resistant metal mesh safety gloves, puncture-proof aprons, anti-noise earphones, splash goggles, masks for fumes, and disposable towels. In addition to these and other measures provided by Pedevilla, we are also constantly training and retraining of employees on all security matters, which we consider the absolute best form of prevention.  

Prevention and control