The evaluation and the success of a project depends much on the way in which it is shared, on how its characteristics are illustrated and communicated to the recipients, how its advantages and its value are transmitted. For this reason, all the initiatives that are part of the new offer also provide a precise and pleasant communicative component. That's one way to enhance the projects, highlight the company's commitment and engage the guests. 

A useful information tool, representing in an organic and synthetic way all the initiatives and services that have been planned. It's a way to transfer fully the sense of renewal that every company project brings with it, creating that emphasis needed to turn it into a real event.

Inside the rooms used for meals you can place to-the-point and dedicated communication signs to help the users navigate with ease and precision. Another feature is installation of dedicated information screens and panels in the eating premises, which will be used to distribute information, updating the users on the new initiatives and fuelling their curiosity. 

On the days dedicated to celebrating international events the eatery gets enhanced by coordinated communication that can create the atmosphere reminiscent of the country that you are celebrating and "tasting".