We believe that diversity is an asset, an opportunity to discover and appreciate the different forms of identity and perception. And this idea applies even more when it comes to cooking - always one of the most intense expressions of each individual culture. For this reason our catering offer is regularly enhanced by specialty dishes from different locations and traditions. 
In addition, our menus always feature the dishes that take into account the special needs of celiac, diabetic, hypertensive and people prone to food intolerances. 

We work in close daily contact with multinational companies, which strongly require a catering service that speaks the language ​​of international cuisine. We also work in contexts where employees come from different regions of Italy. In both cases, the food transcends the purely gastronomic aspect, to become a real moment of understanding and cultural exchange. It's a chance of integration. The expertise and experience of our team of chefs allows us not only to successfully meet these needs, but also to satisfy the curiosity of anyone who wants to experiment with new flavours.

Celebrate the start of an academic year or meet a tricky business goal with a special menu. Savour roasted chestnuts and new wine during the harvest season. Or festive pastry during Easter. There are countless occasions when food becomes a tool to emphasise the uniqueness of a moment. On all these occasions, we propose and coordinate with our customers some tasty variations on the eating habits.  
Special menus