The composition of our menus is constantly changing, based on the needs of our stakeholders and on seasonality. Yet some criteria for the selection of products remain constant: 

  • we are always careful in choosing, where possible, Km 0 products, thus being able to ensure freshness, development of the area and economies of scale 
  • we value the Slow Food principles, making constant use of the gastronomic excellence of our country 
  • in partnership with the Coldiretti we populate our menus with the products which are delivered directly from the manufacturer 
  • we only use extra virgin olive oil for dressings and sauces, and peanut oil or sunflower oil for frying 
  • for the main courses we use only fresh meat of veal or beef of the top quality 
  • we make only a limited use of frozen products, for the preparation of fish dishes and side dishes from vegetables out of season 
  • for the preparation of the side dishes we use the best selected vegetables and legumes 
  • our fruit is always of prime quality