Eating well is important, even if sometimes it's not so obvious. Despite increasing attention to the topic, it is easy to see incorrect eating habits, prejudices and convictions that lead to the choices that are harmful to health.  
One of our priorities is to propose a rational idea of ​​nutrition, promoting the intake of nutrients consistent with the physiological needs of every individual. To achieve this, we promote nutritional education in schools and create working groups able to offer a highly qualified support for the development of recipes and menus. In particular, for many of our customers we provide a dietician, who, in addition to overseeing the composition of the menu and arranging a range of wellness dishes, is also available to answer any questions about specific food intolerances and allergies, and provide useful advice on better dietary practices. 

Nutrition education
Drs Federica Cirulli and Claudia De Marzi, dieticians Pedevilla