The management of our restaurants is a complex process that requires great care and painstaking adherence to procedures. A perfect mechanism which consists of three basic steps: 

One of the first goals is to achieve a rational management of supplies, providing timely and reliable deliveries. 
We turn to producers who also provide distribution - this means they are able to comply with all applicable regulations, from production to delivery. 
For this we refer to the circuits Slow Food and Coldiretti - they guarantee ‘km 0’ product quality, and to AIAB for all our biological products needs. The products are selected only if they fulfil a set of basic conditions: 

  •  only the top quality 
  •  arrive at the catering establishments within the time set by our operating office 
  •  be transported by systems that ensure the best conditions for preservation 
  • maximum safety 
  • an expiry date which allows appropriate storage times 
The distribution between suppliers and each point of catering is direct and uses refrigeration vehicles for perishable products.     For bread, milk and highly perishable products consumed on the same day, delivery shall be made daily and, in most cases, by the ‘km 0’ principle.
In order to ensure their integrity, all processed products, semi-finished and raw products are identified by labels that show the essential data (date received, expiration, storage, etc.). Once we proceeded with the identification, the foods are stored in different environments, each with its own optimal temperature and humidity, maintaining a clear separation between departments, so as to avoid cross contamination. 

Our Quality System, operated according to UNI EN ISO 9001, sees product supply as the area essential to the control of every aspect affecting the quality of the product. It deals with the supply of food products, as well as of accessories and auxiliary products (detergents, packaging, paper and plastics, etc.). 
The control of purchased products is effected through three types of activities: 
  • assessment of suppliers 
  • verification of purchase dates 
  • verification of purchased products 

We carry out periodical audits of our suppliers, directly controlling raw materials, healthiness of premises and work processes.  

Production cycle