Our business idea and the values ​​in which we believe lead us to apply every day attitudes and behaviour that can make the environment in which we live a better place. For us this means making choices designed to minimising the environmental impact of our business as well as supporting initiatives that promote the protection of disadvantaged social groups.  

Therefore we have decided to: 

  • be part of the Excellence Club, an initiative that brings together the efforts of a series of companies for a joint project sponsored and coordinated by the World Food Programme.  
  • use exclusively 100% organic products in the alternative menus
  • cooperate with IFAT, the International Association for Fair Market, and the global network of Fair Trade Organizations 
  • use products of the Consortium CTM - Altromercato, one of the most successful organizations among those adhering to IFAT 
  • become partners of the Siticibo project, which is collaboration between the Food Bank Foundation ONLUS and Cecilia Canepa - promoters of the Law of the Good Samaritan - and Bianca Massarelli. The project represents the first Italian trial of the Law of the Good Samaritan and consists of recovery of cooked and raw food from catering and restoration organisations, to distribute it to those who need it to survive 
  • send food and meals that were consumed only partially to the non-profit associations Animal Welfare Onlus and AZALEA Zampa Libera - two charities that deal with the protection of animals - and the company LEM, which specialises in recovery and transport of animal and fish waste for composting.  

Social responsibility