We are a company who always pays great attention to the environmental sustainability of its activities and who supports initiatives that can contribute to the preservation of the planet. Over the years we have tried to translate this awareness into concrete forms, using all the channels available to us. 

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The environmental impact caused by transportation of food and food products, especially beverages, can be greatly reduced through a prudent policy for the selection of products and suppliers. For example, transporting bottled mineral water over long distances implies extensive impact on the environment due to the associated consumption of fossil fuels. 

From our point of view, we are committed to selecting our suppliers also taking into account these factors. In particular, as part of the project "zero kilometers", for some of the foods with the highest impact from production we select them ensuring that their production takes place in the immediate vicinity of our restaurants. 

In the vicinity of our eateries we place specific bins to allow for a simple and effective waste collection and recycling, in line with a serious, responsible and practical environmental approach.  

Environmental sustainability