We look at children as customers in all respects, just a little more special. We consider it important to respect their tastes and needs, so our menus are made up of light meals, nutritious, tasty and rich foods essential to growth. 

At more than 40 schools that we service, we believe the ingredients must be of highest quality and properly stored, so we never go without organic and locally grown (‘km 0’) products. 

Even more attention is dedicated to the hygiene, guaranteeing it at every stage of product processing and storage, as well as personal care of the staff and cleanliness of the premises.  

We never forget that our younger customers have a constant need for attention. For this reason, we choose people who know how to combine high professionalism with a good predisposition to human interactions. We take care to comply with the food traditions of children belonging to different religions and pay particular attention to the foods forbidden for children affected by disorders characterised by dietary restriction. 

Finally, we organise courses for the school staff and teachers, training them in emergency response procedures in case of suffocation and the use of defibrillators. This is essential to ensure maximum safety and health of children.  

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